The Terms and Conditions when you choose to sell with us:


Terms and Conditions



You as the customer agree that you own the clothing you drop off with us or you have the owners permission to sell this clothing.

You’ll need government issued photo ID to set up your account. You as the customer are obligated to keep your login and password details safe and confidential at all times.


Each time you drop off you will need to select whether you would like unaccepted items returned to you. If you select not to have your unaccepted items returned, anything unaccepted will be sent to our Donation Program. If you do want them returned, you will have 7 days to collect returns from the date your stock is processed. A $4 processing and handling fee will be deducted from your account for every drop off.

Your estimated processing date will be noted in the ‘consignment processing’ email you’ll receive after dropping off. We ask that you check your online account on that date to see what we have accepted. You’ll receive a notification on your account dashboard once your drop has been processed, which indicates the start of your 7 week cycle.

Once sold, you’ll receive 50% (excluding GST) of the sold price. Any balance not collected will expire 2 years after the last sold date. Recycle Boutique reserves the right to defer payments to the customer by up to 14 days.

We reserve the right to sell your items on behalf through our online store. If any or all of your items are selected for this purpose, they will complete their 7 week cycle exclusively online. If unsold at the end of the 7 week cycle online, they will go into store for another full cycle. Your items may also be moved and sold at a different location to maximise their chance of selling.

Clothing can be withdrawn at any point before the expiry date, only by personally locating them on the shop floor and notifying a staff member. After the expiry date, items are unable to be reclaimed. They will become property of Recycle Boutique and be recycled through our Donation Program.

Recycle Boutique reserves the right to donate or on-sell items to our donation partners as they see fit. Items may be sold to our outlet store, Paper Bag Princess, with proceeds supporting cash donations to our primary donation partner.

 We reserve the right to make changes to the consignment process at any time.


Items will be taken into stock on the basis you accept all risk or damage, including shoplifting. However, we will exercise reasonable care while your items are with us.

It is your sole responsibility to use your online account and/or keep in contact with Recycle Boutique to track the progress of your items, for collecting payment, and uplifting items before their expiry. We do send automated notifications throughout the cycle but these are not always reliable, especially if you are not subscribed to our emails.