Recycle Boutique is a consignment store that celebrates conscious shopping and provides a platform for you to sell your clothing, shoes and accessories. 

We specialise in high-quality designer, contemporary and vintage clothing, for men and women. Visit one of our 12 stores around New Zealand or find some of our favourites online, curated by our team.

We are proud to provide New Zealanders with a solution to fast-fashion and landfill waste. Join us in extending the life cycle of your clothing.


our story

They say ‘what goes around, comes around’, and we know they aren’t talking about clothing but for us, it couldn’t be more accurate. Times change, styles change and people change and evolve with them. Then they change back. We are Recycle Boutique. Or simply Recycle. A place where you can buy and sell quality second hand clothing. Waste is a very real problem in the world right now and the textile industry is one of the biggest polluters of our environment. There needs to be a big shift in the way we shop and we think Recycle is that shift. Selling and shopping secondhand is the most sustainable way to reduce your wardrobe and refresh your look. With us, it also means you get paid to be a part of the solution.

It Pays To Recycle.


Our history

From small beginnings at our first Auckland store over 15 years ago, we have now grown to 12 stores nationwide - still NZ owned and operated. We like to think Recycle is a family of like-minded people bringing the communities around us a little closer together, through our love of secondhand clothing and vision of a more sustainable NZ. 

our stores


Our team regularly travels to the USA searching for the best, the unique and the nostalgic. Since we started selling vintage in 2014, we've sourced over 80,000 kg of hand-selected pieces, making us one of the biggest recyclers of vintage clothing in NZ. 

We specialise in premium vintage brands, streetwear, sportswear, denim, and retro styles. Shop online or look out for the yellow Recycle Vintage tags in store.

When you no longer wear your vintage pieces we hope you will recycle them, just as we have.


Our impact

It’s estimated that the global fashion industry produces 92 million tonnes of waste each year. By doubling the life of clothing from just 1 to 2 years, we can help reduce emissions from clothing production and disposal by as much as 24%. When you shop or sell at Recycle Boutique, you're shopping pre-owned and helping extend the life cycle of clothing.

• We have 80k+ sellers nationwide

• We recycle 700k+ pieces yearly

• 300k+ pieces join our Donation Program yearly


Donation Program

Our main focus at Recycle Boutique is to ensure that as many items as possible are given a second life and stay out of landfill. However not all clothing will meet our acceptance criteria. This is where our Donation Program comes in.

We support a number of organisations with both clothing and monetary donations. Clothing that joins our Program may be given directly to those in need of it, or sold through outlets in order to benefit a more diverse range of organisations. This means we are able to provide financial help to our local communities and environment, whilst still returning clothing into the circular secondhand economy. 

Any of your unpurchased and uncollected clothing automatically joins the program. Or if you would like to donate directly, just let us know when you drop off!


Donation Partners

By choosing our Donation Program you are supporting:

KidsCan - So far we've donated $50,000 to KidsCan so they can provide the essentials to Kiwi kids affected by poverty. In doing so, helping them participate in learning and have an opportunity for a better future. 

City Mission – Provide relief and pathways to those in desperate need, enabling long term well-being. 

The Hospice NZ – Lead and support the hospice movement in NZ, ensuring quality of access and consistent delivery of palliative and end of life care for New Zealanders. 

Dress for Success – Empower women so they can secure economic independence and success. 

Paper Bag Princess - Supports local community projects, The City Mission, Opportunity for Animals, and KidsCan.

Opportunity for Animals - A project of the Animal protection Society that fundraises for animals in need though charity stores.

Happiness House - Provides crisis intervention, resolution and general social support for families and individuals in the Wakatipu area.

Aunty Dana's Opshop - Raises funds for transgender support and advocacy organisation Gender Minorities Aotearoa - run by and for transgender people.

Koha Apparel - Distributes clothing and other necessities directly to those in need alongside Everybody Eats and LIFE Soup Kitchen.

SPCA - Advance animal welfare and prevent cruelty.

Ngā mihi/ Thank you!